Why do we need to question everything


As I was about to write this article I received a message via messenger from a friend asking me for my phone number. I automatically sent it to her thinking that perhaps she changed her phone and lost my contact number. Of course, it was not the case and I should have known better. It became very clear very quickly that it was not my friend writing but someone who hacked her account as they asked me for a photo of my credit card – front and back – so that they could send me some money. Of course, I didn’t do it and informed my friend immediately. However, having done so, I just reflected how easily I did not follow my own advice of “questioning everything”. Why didn’t I just ask her why she needed my number? I was compliant bordering on lazy – it was easier for me to send her my number rather than get into discussion why she needed it.

I think we get encouraged by society not to ask too many questions as it may appear to be rude or time wasting and, with time, we ask fewer questions to avoid being seen as too curious. However, the ability to ask question is a simple but a very powerful tool we all posses which we can, and should strengthen. By asking questions, we can avoid mistakes, scams (as mentioned above), arrive at better solutions and conclusions, stay alert and stop being blindly compliant.

It is worth noting that the questions should be the right questions and not the kind of questions which would lead nowhere useful. For example, we could ask  “why only bad things happen to me” – I am sure you will agree, that this question leads us absolutely nowhere as in truth, it is a compliant dressed as a question. On the other hand we could ask “what can I do to improve my situation and avoid bad things happening to me” could be a good start of a way out of a “rabbit hole”.

Powerful questions lead to powerful answers and, subsequently, we can arrive at brilliant solutions. We have all the answers within us but we are not fully aware of this. Therefore a skilled coach asking you the right questions can create a major, positive shift in your life and business. One example I can think of was given by Vishen at one of the Mindvalley courses. There was a lady who wanted to enroll on a course which would get her to type much faster. The coach asked her why did she want to type faster and the answer was “because I do data input and the faster I type the more money I make”. And this could have been the end of the story. However, the coach asked, “why do you need more money? and she said “I want to buy a bigger apartment”. 

The coach – “why do you need a bigger apartment?”. 

The lady – “I want my mother to move in with me but my current apartment is too small”.

So, the coach said, “so what you really want it to buy a bigger apartment to live with your mother” “Do you know how long it would take for you to get enough money by typing faster, to buy an apartment?”

The lady – “many years if I save all I can”.

The coach – “what other options to you have to make money faster and achieve your goal of buying an apartment”

Needless to say, the lady decided that faster typing would not get her to her goal and by finding other solutions, she was able to buy her apartment relatively quickly. My point is that we very often look at our current situation and the only options we see are the most limiting ones. In order to achieve our goals we really need to look outside our box and questions challenge and stimulate us.

Never underestimate the power of questions – totalitarian regimes know this!

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